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History, Philosophy, Social Sciences

Our department has developed degree offerings that provide students with the academic foundation necessary for critical, generative membership in a contemporary society. Our degree represents a variety of disciplines that investigate culture from an integrative perspective. Completion of any of the proposed DHPSS degree options will help students develop a theoretical and practical understanding of societal dynamics, analytic skills that can be applied to a number of occupational situations, and intellectual skills necessary to make decisions and solve problems in everyday life.

Currently, DHPSS offers a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science. Related areas of emphasis include History, Political Science, Pre-Law, Psychology, Society & Culture, Sociology and Women's Studies. The related areas are intended to prepare students for graduate and professional programs in law, public administration, social work, sociology, psychology, or history as well as entry level positions in the helping professions and public agencies. Other departments on campus offer additional related area options that support prepare students for advanced study beyond the undergraduate level.

The senior thesis and internship components of the BA: Social Science degree offers students the opportunity to extend their educational experiences beyond the typical undergraduate curriculum. These extended intellectual experiences offer students the chance to apply their academic learning to a specific professional and research environment. For example, past departmental majors have completed internships in the University of Montana - Western Counseling Center, the Dillon Women's Resource Center, and the Western Mental Health Clinic. To date, completed theses include work in psychology, anthropology, and sociology. Topics have included differences in gender communications styles, motivation for high risk recreational sports, and Federal projects as societal change agents.

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