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Telephone & Voice Mail

Telephone Voice Mail
Dialing Instructions Temporary Greeting
Personal Long Distance Calls Internal/External Greeting
Directories Transferring Call to Voice Mail
Telephone Service Changes Forwarding Voice Mail Messages
  CallPilot Voicemail Quick Guide  


For assistance, contact Sue Brammer ext. 7146

Dialing Instructions:

EMERGENCY:     911 from any campus extension

Local Calls:       9 + seven digit number

Long Distance:  8 + 1 + Area Code + seven digit number

Toll Free:          8 + 1 + ten digit number

International*: 8 + 011 + County Code + City Code + number


  • If you are able to dial the entire number, yet the call does not connect, call the Sprint operator at 8+00 for assistance. Often in this case, the number is incomplete or incorrect.
  • If you hear a fast busy tone prior to dialing the complete number, your extension is not properly programmed to make international calls. Call x7146 for assistance.

    For more information on Country and City Codes, see your Dex Directory 


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    Personal Long Distance:

    8 + Dialing instructions of your long distance carrier

    Long distance on the State of Montana telephone network is restricted to business calls only. Per State policy:

    "Essential personal long distance calls must be either collect, charged to a third party non-state number, or charged to a personal credit card."
    There is no provision to make personal long distance calls on your business phone with the intention of paying for them at the Business Office or by any other means.

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    Temporary Voice Mail Greeting:

    Taking some days off? You may want to record a temporary greeting in voice mail to notify callers. This option enables you to set an expiration date and avoid re-recording your internal and external greetings after you return.

    • Access voice mail.
    • Press 82.
    • Press 3 to select temporary greeting.
    • Press 5 to record your message (example: "This is Sue Brammer in ITS, I will be out of the office until August ##. Yahoo." (The temporary greeting is used for both your internal and external greeting. You may want it to be slightly more formal than an internal greeting.)
    • Press # to end recording.
    • Press 2 to review the message (If you wish to re-record, press 76 to delete and begin again by pressing 5).

    When you have finished recording your greeting:

    • Press 9 to set the expiry date for this greeting. You will be promped for the month, date and time. Remember to include the # after each entry. (It's like the Enter key on a pc.) The temporary greeting expires automatically at that time and your regular internal and external greetings play as usual.
    • Press 83 to exit.
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    Internal & External Greetings:

    Your internal message is heard by on-campus callers (“Hi, this is Bob…). Your external message is heard by callers who are off campus. You may want your external message to be more formal (i.e. "This is Bob Roberts in ITS at the University of Montana, Western…"). There’s no need to include in your message that you may be on the phone. There is a system message for that.

    • While logged in to your mailbox, press 82.
    • Press 1 for external greeting, 2 for internal greeting.
    • Press 5 to record. Wait for the tone, then record your greeting.
    • Press # to end the recording.
    • Press 2 to review the message (If you wish to re-record, press 76 to delete and begin again by pressing 5.)
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    Transferring Call to Voice Mail:

    Occassionally, a caller asks to be transferred to voice mail and leave a message. While the caller is on the line (These instructions are for digital phones):

    • Press the Transfer key.
    • Dial 7078.
    • At the prompt, enter the mailbox (extension) and press #.
    • Immediately press the Transfer key again. (If you delay, the caller will not hear the personal verification of the mailbox nor the prompt to leave a message.)
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    Forwarding a Voice Mail Message:

    You can forward a message to another mailbox and also record an introduction to the original message. (You cannot forward a message marked "Private"):

    • After listening to a message or while it is playing, press 73 to forward the message.
    • Enter the extension to which you want to forward the message, then press #. Repeat this step for each additional extension to which you want to forward the message.
    • When you have finished entering addresses, press # again to end the list.
    • Press 5 to record an introduction. Wait for the tone, then begin recording.
    • Press # to end recording your introduction.
    • Press 79 to send the message.
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    Service Changes:

    Please submit all telephone service changes (i.e. moves, adds or changes) to ITS at least one week in advance. The desired work will then be scheduled.

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