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Student Conduct





Student rights and responsibilities are taken very seriously at Montana Western. The Student Handbook outlines appropriate behavior expected of students and are listed under the Student Code of Conduct.



Generally, behavioral expectations of students are determined and maintained by the Dean of Students. Academic expectations are determined and maintained by Montana Western faculty and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.






Student conduct procedures begin when a student receives a summons or to meet with the Dean of Students or an invitation to meet with a faculty member.  Guidelines for this process are also found in the Student Handbook.



Student Grievances





Students also have the right to hold the faculty and staff accountable for their behavior.  The Student Handbook outlines the rights of students and the procedures to be taken if a student has a concern about professional conduct, grades, policy violations, or actions that may harm the student. 






Questions regarding the discipline process or student rights may be directed to Nicoel Hazelbaker, Dean of Students at (406)683-7565 or n_hazelbaker@umwestern.edu.